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Study at DonNU

124.pngDonetsk National University is one of the leading higher educational establishments of Ukraine. It started its own history in 1937, and in 2000, according to the Order of the President of Ukraine, it acquired the status of National University. In 2004 the university passed an important test — it was awarded the highest (the 4th) level of accreditation and acquired the right of autonomy.

The university acquired Ukrainian and international recognition. It was included in various ratings such as:

  • QS World University Rankings (2014/2015) — the 700+ 1 group out of 2000;
  • Top-200 Ukraine project (2015) — the 20th position out of 200;
  • Ranking of Ukrainian Higher Educational Establishments on Scopus indices (2014) — the 15th position out of 116;
  • Denhi (Money) Rankng of Ukrainian Higher Educational Establishments — the 12th position;
  • Kompas Ranking of Ukrainian Higher Educational Establishments (2013) — the 7th position out of 238.

Donetsk National University cooperates with more than 70 world universities. DonNU is a member of the European University Association, Eurasian Association and AIMOS Association. The university is also a participant of numerous TEMPUS European Educational and Research Programmes, EU VI and VII Framework Programmes and the International Renaissance Foundation programmes. In 2004 Donetsk National University was the first to sign the agreement on implementing Bologna Process provisions and joining the Bologna Charter of European Universities.

Due to a complicated social and political situation in Eastern Ukraine and military conflict on the territory of Donetsk DonNU was relocated to Vinnytsia according to the Order of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in order to keep the Ukrainian citizens alive and healthy.

Donetsk National University in Vinnytsia accounts for 7000 students, including 200 foreign citizens, about 700 teachers and workers, including 90 Doctors of Science and 450 Candidates of Science. In 2014 14 000 undergraduate, graduate and PhD students studied at DonNU.

Through its 77-year history the university has trained 140 000 students, including over 3 000 citizens of European, Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries. In 2014 the students from Armenia, Greece, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea, the Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Senegal, Vietnam and China studied at Donetsk National University.

The graduates get internationally recognized certificates. The university is responsible for legalization and apostilization of the present documents.