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Degree Programmes

Getting higher education presupposes successful completion of a certain educational (professional/research) or scientific programme which is the basis for awarding the respective degree. Donetsk National University provides training for international students who are then awarded a Bachelor’s, Specialist’s or Master’s degree on completion of the study.

Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes were implemented on joining the Bologna Charter of European Universities. Nowadays 40 European countries are developing their own educational systems according to Bologna process.

Bologna process presupposes creating a common educational space by the European countries. It means drawing together the educational systems of different countries for a mutual recognition of education and certificates by using common notions for all the definitions and measurement mechanisms, comparison of the academic results of the students from different countries and transparence of higher educational establishments activities.

Our higher educational establishments are doing a lot of work to make Ukrainian education capable of meeting the requirements of the Bologna Charter which presupposes acquisition of new qualities and maintenance of the best traditions and practices intrinsic to the national higher educational establishments.

Higher education at DonNU is characterized by mastering basic knowledge and skills, fundamental training, the need for continuous study and development. It gives an opportunity to get used to constantly changing labour market requirements; broad-based knowledge provides students with great opportunities for career development.

The training of students obtaining a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree meets the requirements of the present-day education. Its main task lies in training skilled experts able to work under the conditions of steep professional mobility demands, leave stereotypes behind and suggest new ideas and solutions.

The present system of degree programmes comprises the two following stages:

  • the 1st stage presupposes 4 years of study and awarding the Bachelor’s degree on completion of the course;
  • the 2nd stage presupposes 1-1,5 years of study and awarding the Master’s degree on completion of the course.

A Specialist’s degree is preserved together with a Master’s degree.

International students, as well as Ukrainian ones, have an opportunity to take up postgraduate or doctoral courses provided that they have completed their studies successfully and are good at conducting researches and doing scientific work. The study lasts 3 years.