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Preparatory Courses

The DonNU Research and Education Centre for International Education organizes preparatory courses allowing applicants to get used to language and general environment of the university and country and choose the specialty and the department to study at within the period of 8-10 months.

DonNU has a license on training foreign citizens issued by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. By taking preparatory courses foreign students will get a language preparation and knowledge on the subjects necessary for a further study at the department chosen.

The subjects are taught in Ukrainian and Russian. For international applicants to get used to a new environment there are training groups operating during the 1st and the 2nd years of study where the subjects are taught in Ukrainian. At the same time students study the Russian language necessary for a further study.

DonNU started training international students at Preparation Faculty in 1972 (since 2015 — the Department for International Education). During this period, about 10 000 students from 100 countries have been taught at this department. The graduates have obtained the respective certificates. Some of them have become famous people. For instance, Thanvong Thanvongsa was an Ambassador of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic to the USSR for a long time; Mavlude Rackbyte was an Adviser to the Consul of Jordan in Ukraine; Deborio Bhattacharyya was an Adviser to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh; Reddy Rajissekar was the head of a pharmaceutical company in India; Odaois Karillo was the First Secretary of the Nicaraguan Embassy in Moscow etc.

DonNU has assisted 14 foreign countries (Algeria, Afghanistan, Vietnam, India, Kampuchea, China, Cuba, Mali, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Senegal etc.) in training national personnel.

A high level of teaching the Ukrainian language, a student-centered approach and an interesting entertainment programme attract the citizens of different countries. Skilled and experienced teachers provide a highly efficient educational process for beginners as well as for those who can speak Ukrainian.

The courses last 8-10 moths and are taught 5 times a week for 6-8 academic hours per day (1 academic hour accounts for 40 minutes).

The programme is developed for each student individually taking into account his/her knowledge and specialty. The age of students is unlimited.

Students begin their studies on the 1st of October. There are 5-6 days-off in January-February.

On completion of the studies students take examinations on the Ukrainian language and theoretical subjects.