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An invitation is an official document issued by the Department for Passport and Visa Services of Ukraine. The present document is a legal basis acknowledging the right of a student to come to Ukraine for getting necessary educational services.

The invitation contains the passport data of a student and the full name of a higher educational establishment. To get the invitation, an applicant is to pay a visa fee.
The invitation is prepared and issued within 45 days. It is valid for the period of 90 days starting from the date of its issue.

During the validity period of the invitation a prospective student must submit an application to the Embassy of Ukraine to obtain a student visa. An international applicant should get detailed information on receipt of a visa at the Embassy of Ukraine in his/her native country.

To get the invitation, a prospective international student wishing to obtain a Bachelor’s degree or take preparatory courses must scan and send the following documents to the DonNU Admission Council:

  1. Copy of the passport with a notarized translation into the Ukrainian (Russian) language;
  2. Copy of certificate of secondary education and its enclosure with notarized translations into the Ukrainian (Russian) language;
  3. Copy of birth certificate with a notarized translation into the Ukrainian (Russian) language;
  4. Letter of motivation in which the reasons for choosing a specialty are specified;
  5. Application form;
  6. Data Collection and Processing Agreement.

The documents are filled in and e-mailed (the address of the Admission Council: [email protected]).

After the enrolment, international applicants must register in the State Supervision Body and get a temporary registration on the territory of Vinnytsia. Prospective students are to abide by the code of conduct and legislative rules regulating their stay in Ukraine.