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Extracurricular Activities

2.png The University has a number of different student organizations that organize the student life outside the classrooms. They are:

Department for Educational and Social Work

Throughout the year the Department organizes a number of events aimed at social and volunteer work and health protection. One of the Department’s main concerns is to take care of orphans and students with special needs.

Student Club

It organizes entertaining events for students such as Freshmen Debut, Faculties Days, Equator etc. It also comprises various groups (vocal, instrumental, dance etc.) uniting the university students.

Student Council

This is a consultative body cooperating with the university administration. Its main task is to protect students’ interests and monitor the quality of education. It also cooperates with Student Club and the Department for Educational and Social Work as for the organization of student entertainment. Every student has a right to be a member of this body and a big student family.

You can learn more about extracurricular activities in the International Students Guide.